With over 40 years experience working in the field of pinball machines and amusement arcades we are driven by a great passion for these wonderful machines. This passion we inherited from our father who was the first person to operate a pinball business in the north of Italy during the 1960s.
Myself, Davide Travagin, along with my brother Nicola are the owners of Pinball Magic - dealing with the sale and purchase of pinball machines and their restoration and repair.
I am based and work in London and Nicola lives in the province of Venice,Italy working on the the restoration and repair of pinball machines and arcade simulators.

We purchase the majority of our machines in Italy. Where if needed a vintage machine is carefully dismantled, the cabinet and back cabinet are carefully sanded to remove the old colour and any scratches and damage it may have suffered over the years.
It is then repainted in the original design and colours.
The playfield is repainted using modern techniques and then finished with a clear varnish.
This, in addition to enhancing the colour, gives the playfield long standing protection.
The backglass is checked carefully and if any scratches are visible the glass is completely replaced.

All metal parts are polished and the electrics carefully cleaned and reconditioned.
The entire restoration process involves many hours of careful work but in the end you are rewarded with a pinball machine in all its splendour which looks as if it has just arrived from its mother factory.

On our HOT DEALS page you can view the pinball machines we currently have available to purchase alongside those currently undergoing restoration.
It is possible to reserve a pinball machine in advance of its complete refurbishment.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you see a machine that you know will enhance your collection or if your looking for something beautiful to start your collection!

Here in London and the South I also deal with the repair and relocation of pinball machines.
Please see our HOME PAGE for more info including quotes for costs.
Feel free to contact me with your pinball needs, questions or problems and I will be very happy to help and magically solve your query!